Lecture Notes

Chapter Week Subject

Introduction- Concept of Stress


Equilibrium of a deformable body, average normal and shear stress, bearing stress, allowable stress, factor of safety, deformation.

Stress and Strain - Axial Loading


Normal and shear strain, the tension test, Hooke’s law, Poisson’s ratio.


Elastic deformation of an axially loaded members, principle of superposition, statically indeterminate axially loaded member, thermal stress.

 4 The torsion formula, power transmission.
 5 Statically indeterminate torque-loaded members, torsion of non-circular shafts.
Pure Bending 6 Shear and moment diagrams, the flexure formula.
 7 Bending of composite beams, stress concentrations, eccentric axial loading, un-symmetric bending.
Shearing Stress in Beams and Thin-Walled Members. 8 The shear formula, shear stresses in beams, shear flow in built-up members.
Transformation of Stress and Strain
 9 Plane stress transformation, general equations of plane stress transformation.
 10 Mohr’s circle.
 11 Plane strain, Mohr’s circle, failure criteria.
Principal Stresses Under a Given Loading  12

State of stress caused by combined loading.

Deflection of Beams 13 The elastic curve, slope and displacement by integration method.

Energy Methods


Strain energy, strain energy density, strain energy for normal stress, shearing stress and general state of stress, work and energy under single and several loads, Castigliano’s theorem.